friday random ten, 1998 edition
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night one


It's not a very good picture, I know ... I was using my Treo and trying not to get caught. But it gives you a sense of how close we were.

Yes, we made it into the pit.

In many ways, my 29th Bruce Springsteen concert will be remembered more for who wasn't there than anything else. This was the first time that I saw Bruce without Robin ... we're going together tomorrow night. I had the best possible companion not named Robin in my friend Tom, with whom I have attended many famous shows and who, in fact, I've known even longer than I've known Robin. And it was good to see all of my This Train buddies again, especially Maureen, who made it to the very front and center along with our fearless leader-who-won't-let-us-call-him-leader Billy. They all say hi, Robin, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

I thought the show was a good one. He called an audible or two to change the set list a bit, and the result was a relatively slow middle section, which not everyone likes, plus the first of the audibles was Patti's song, which pisses off some people who don't think they should have to hear one of her songs at a Bruce concert. (It was lovely, so fuck 'em.) But hey, one of the slow ones was "Backstreets," so I am most definitely not complaining. Highlights included "Reason to Believe," played in the style of the video I posted a coupla days ago, "Backstreets," and "Adam Raised a Cain." Of the new songs, "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" was much better than I expected. Clarence hit every note tonight, and was much loved by the crowd.

Afterwards, I went to take a leak, and like I told Tom, if you want to listen in on guys being guys, the restroom is the place to be. As we stood in line, someone said something about Steve Van Zandt, and someone else said he'd always be Silvio Dante to him. This inspired an outbreak of Soprano-isms, like "Ay! How come I'm in the line that doesn't move? Ma-don! Whattyagonnado?"

I missed Robin terribly during "Born to Run."