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I've watched a number of cat videos on YouTube, but that is by far my favorite!!


I figure all of our cats are mutts ... they come from the shelter, after all ... and so maybe those two are half-breeds or something. But Robin thinks maybe they're for real, although the real ones are expensive ... some theory she has about the cat marketplace. Anyway, one possible explanation for the above can be found here:

Bengal (cat)

I'll quote from the section on "Personality," since it's kinda like reading a horoscope, where you wonder how they knew you so perfectly:

Bengal cats can take a great deal of interest in running water and often don't mind getting wet. Most Bengal owners have stories about their cat's affection for running water or even jumping in a sink or tub.
This part is pretty accurate, too:
Additionally, Bengal cats are very high-energy, intelligent, and curious, and so are particularly interactive with their human housemates, wanting to be in the middle of whatever the human is engaged in, and often following the human around the house as household chores are performed.... As their activity and play requirements are high, this is not a cat best left to its own devices for long periods of time as they can be quite mischievous and destructive when bored. (emphasis added)


P.S. Just to add more emphasis, if you go to YouTube and search for "bengal cat water," you get several dozen videos. Six and Boomer aren't the only ones!

P.P.S. Starbuck thinks the other two are crazy.


they dont call her crazy cat lady for nothing!

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