they aren't all republicans

i don't need to say anything while joe sheehan is in the house

Back when I wrote for the Baseball Prospectus, Joe Sheehan edited most of my work, which made me look a lot better than if I'd been left to my own devices. He remains one of the best things about BP, as is obvious, considering how often I link to his stuff. Here he is on the last days of Bonds the Giant, and yes, I agree with him:

Of course, the story about Bonds, for that crowd [the SF media], has never been about performance. It’s always been about Bonds’ disdain for the media, his refusal to provide access and quotes and make the media’s job easier. I have no doubt that if you have to deal with Bonds on a daily basis—if dealing with him is a major part of your job description—that it would make your life difficult. However, to allow that one aspect of the man to become the driving force for years of negative coverage strikes me, has always struck me, as just as unprofessional as his approach. The disdain for Barry Bonds among the local media is disproportionate to anything the man has ever done, amounting to a collective tantrum that has poisoned the man’s reputation among baseball fans nationwide. Bonds’ relationship to the media, and the media’s treatment of him because of it, queers the entire discussion about Bonds’ accomplishments and whether they may have been influenced by extra-legal actions on his part. He’s never been evaluated fairly because the world has been told he’s a bad guy, and we don’t like bad guys. The people who see the Bonds/public/media triangle as a racial matter miss the point; it’s not a lesson in how American treats black men; it’s a lesson in how the media can make or break men of any hue.