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At some point, you give up on certain shows. I rarely last four seasons for any sitcom, and while Entourage isn't exactly a sitcom, it's hard to know how else to classify it. So it gets credit for keeping my attention for four seasons. And I betcha I start watching Season Five, too, because of habit. But looking back over my posts about this show over the years, the same things keep coming up: Jeremy Piven and Kevin Dillon are very good, the show is amiable enough, it seemed to get marginally better over time, and I never gave it a grade higher than the "B" range. All of that is still true, except the getting better part … I can no longer say that the show gets better every year, in fact the show is the same every year. There is very little character development … Johnny Drama gets an acting job, but he's still Johnny Drama, Turtle still looks at tits and gets high, Vince still waltzes through life without a care (that's kinda the point of the show, that when you're Vinnie Chase, life is good, even when it's not, which is why tonight's episode, seemingly more downbeat than the finales of other seasons, isn't really any different at all), and E still resembles the voice of reason. We learned a little more about Ari this season (he really loves his wife) and about Lloyd (we didn't actually learn more about him, he just got to be in more scenes). But this show is what it is, and it's not going anywhere, not forward, not backward. You could watch any episode from any season and get a sense of what the show is about. That's not all bad … it's a show with a clear sense of what it wants to do, it has a consistency that other more erratic shows might strive for. But if Entourage is, as it was lazily described at its inception, a male Sex and the City, it's a shallow Sex and the City … and that's pretty fucking shallow.

I usually describe The L Word as the worst show I watch regularly, but after four years of Entourage, I should probably change that description. Entourage is never as bad as L Word at its worst (few things are), but neither is it as good as L Word at its best. For all of the well-earned praise Jeremy Piven gets for this show, I'd trade all four seasons for the one season of the long-forgotten Cupid. The truth, and this is the case even if I watch Entourage for another four seasons, is that Entourage is not worth even the few words I've spent on it here. Grade for season finale: C+. Grade for Season Four: B-/C+.