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family reunion

The Rubios had a family reunion on Sunday in Pleasant Hill. Thanks to my sister Sue for being the main person to put it all together! "The Rubios" in this case are the descendants of my Spanish grandparents. No one of my father's generation is still alive, so my generation is now the oldest. By my count, which can't really be trusted, ten members of my generation of Rubios showed up, representing three of the five Rubio siblings of the previous generation. There were also a lot of next-gen people, and even a few next-next-gen ... i.e. a few of my generation are now grandparents.

Here are two of my favorite pictures. One is of most of the attendees ... it's really too hard to see everyone in this small version. The other picture is of two of my favorite family members:

Rubio family reunion


Katie of Germany

Saw Taj and family....was there also a pic of Noelle?


Noelle is in the picture of the entire family, and the soft-focus closeup picture (I think, I'm not looking at them at the moment). And, of course, everyone was taking pix and there will be other photos of other people ... I know Leah came after I quit taking pix, for instance.

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