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whew and all that

I've graded all the papers and submitted the final grades. Tomorrow evening we leave for Europe. A few days in Germany, the rest in various places in Andalusia. We'll have Internet access at least part of the time, so I'll post at least a few of those gawdawful travel posts that I never read when other people do them. Meanwhile, I've tried an experiment ... I have already composed posts for the dates May 29-June 23, post-dated. There'll be a variety ... Friday Random Tens will show up on schedule, I'll talk about the season finale of The Shield (which I've already seen but which hasn't aired in the U.S. yet), and there will be a lot of looks backward, as I quote from various posts I've made on this blog over the past 5 1/2 years.

Meanwhile, since I don't suppose it will be very easy to upload pictures during our trip, I better post a couple now while I can. Here's a picture of my dessert at our anniversary dinner last night:


And here's an old classic ... this is where Robin and I will be spending part of our vacation: