house season finale
not just jet lag

out in sindelfingen

I may have spoken too soon about jet lag ... I've wanted to sleep all afternoon.

We made a quick trip to the ATM machine and the market, my first outing in a place where I don't speak the language in 23 years. Yes, I'm a wuss ... Robin speaks nothing but English, and she's been to Hong Kong, Brazil, Venezuela, France, Spain, and Andorra, surviving by being nice and pointing a lot (she doesn't give off an Ugly American vibe, which helps). Anyway, I learned another important word, entschuldigen, which is German for "excuse," as in "excuse me" (I think the proper phrase is mich bitte entschuldigen, "excuse me, please").

Where Katie and John live is actually called Sindelfingen, just southwest of Stuttgart. It's a very nice town, mostly famous because they make cars here.