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friday random ten, 1976 edition

lost season finale

Do I have to stick a spoiler warning here? I feel like I was the last person to see this one … I went to the Giants game last night, so Robin and I didn't watch the finale until tonight. In the meantime, all of the critics I read were jabbering about it, and many of my friends and family were jabbering about it, and I was doing a virtual hands-over-ears-loud-nyah-nyah-nyah so I didn't read/hear anything.

Julie did a good job of summarizing stuff, and I don't have a lot to add to what she said. The what-will-happen-next angles were very well done, there was some good action, and characters I don't normally like were either less annoying than usual or got some comeuppance to make me feel better. (For the record: I prefer Sawyer to Jack, Hurley to Charlie, think they do pretty well by the character of Kate but in general they aren't as good with women characters as with men, think Sun is the hottest babe but I like that Kate has muscles, and I want to be Sayid in my next life.)

I guess it wouldn't be Steven Rubio's Online Life if I didn't complain at least a little bit, but this isn't really a complaint. Lost, like most shows to be honest, is erratic … it can fall into a slump that lasts for several episodes. But when it's on its game, it's just fine. There's no real depth to the show … it's a puzzle, when they're firing on all cylinders it's great fun to watch and think about, but there are none of the Larger Issues of something like Battlestar Galactica or the detailed examination of Smaller Issues That Matter like in The Wire. There is no real psychological depth to the characters like you get on The Sopranos, no real feel for gut-wrenching battles between our good impulses and our bad like in The Shield. No, Lost is just a fine adventure show with lots of twists, and that's nothing to sneeze at. If this means I don't consider it a great show, that's just me talking … it's good enough, and you can't say that about too many series.

Grade for season finale: A

Grade for Season Three: B+, thanks to a good run at the end of the season