sister rosetta tharpe

live from stuttgart

We arrived a couple of hours ago. Plane flight was mostly uneventful. So far the only problem has been that I forgot to pack one of my kidney stone meds, but thanks to the powers of the Internet, I was able to contact my doctor at Kaiser and he told me not to worry. It's raining in Stuttgart, but Katie and John have a lovely house. And Ava is a v.good traveler, despite my fears about a long plane ride with a four-year-old.

Oh, and the Slingbox works :-).

Robin is dressing Ava's Barbie as I type this ... you can see our vacation is off to a smashing start! Charlie, I thought of you when we landed in Stuttgart, you being the only person I know who not only speaks German but likes how it sounds! I know how to say danke and bitte and toilet ... hopefully that will be enough until I get to Spain.

Katie and John have Internet access, obviously, so I should be able to post regular for the rest of this week, which I'm sure will delight my vast audience.