whew and all that

last minute trip stuff i can think of

1) If you are reading this and you are a burglar, don't bother comin' round while we're gone. We have a house sitter ... his name is Henry ... his friends call him Hank, but his enemies call him Bad Henry, so don't mess with our house.

2) My cell phone won't work in Europe. I've set it to forward all calls to our land line, because we can access those messages from the Internet. Of course, if we have Internet access, we can read email, so I'd recommend using email. But a heads-up just the same. You can also call the land line directly ... it's the same phone number as my cell phone, only substitute 548 for 207.

3) I don't want to post phone numbers here, so this won't really be much help. But our itinerary, as far as I can figure it from Robin's info, is:

May 28: fly there

May 29-June 2: Stuttgart, Katie, John and Ava's house

June 3: Frankfurt, InterCity Hotel

June 4: Granada, Hotel Plaza Nueva

June 5-11: Nerja, A.Alcapulco

June 12-13: Estepona, Albero Lodge

June 14-20: Ronda, Jardines de la Muralla

June 21: Malaga, Hotel Eurostars Astoria

June 22: fly home

4) Bye.