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house season finale

The fact that I am posting this is evidence of two things: one, that the Slingbox is working just fine, and two, that I apparently have nothing better to do when visiting a country for the first time than to watch a teevee show from my own country.

There's a lot of jet lag going on here today, although I seem to have escaped so far (second day is the worst, though, some people say). John is apparently at work ... he wasn't here when I got up in the morning ... Katie and Ava are taking naps (jet lag has them powerful strong) ... leaving Robin and I to watch House.

No spoilers here, but I will say that I took the ending at face value ... others seem to think the ending was one of those "ok, we were kidding" things where next season will just be more of the same.

I just want to focus on one thing, the "battle" between House and God. House remains the only show I am aware of on mainstream American television where the titular character is an avowed atheist. In the finale, a couple escapes from Cuba to the U.S. just to hunt down House, because they have read that he can cure anything. About 2/3 of the way through the episode, a miracle seems to have occurred. But this doesn't wash with House ... there has to be a better explanation. When he thinks he has a line on that explanation, he goes to the couple (the wife is the sick one) and says he wants to try something that will cure her for good. Ah, but there is no need, they say, God has already saved her. Well, House says, you made a dangerous trip just to come see me to save the woman ... now you have to decide, do you trust God or do you trust me?

You shouldn't have to guess the answer ... the show ain't called God, after all. Count me impressed that no matter how formulaic the series is, they still haven't softened House's character, or had him give himself over to religion.

Grade for season finale: B

Grade for season: B