24 season finale
mr. prediction (spoilers)

happy birthday geoff!

So many landmark dates today, it's hard to know where to begin. My brother turned 60 today, but that's not the biggest landmark. We're on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love, but that's not the biggest landmark. No, the biggie is that today I get to post the 4th Annual Steven Can't Do PhotoShop Picture of Geoff on His Birthday! In honor of the Summer of Love, and because my (did I mention he's older than I am?) brother taught me everything I know about those fabled times, and because we're going to the Giants game tonight, I decided that this year's picture should 1) show off my non-existent PhotoShop skillz, 2) be psychedelizied, and 3) show both of us. And so I give you this year's birthday winner: