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warriors come out and play-ay

I don't talk much about basketball here. I am a fan of the Warriors, going back to their arrival in the Bay Area in the early 60s, and have fond memories of some of their great teams, including the championship team from the 70s (Neal was less than two weeks old the night they won it all, and I can still remember telling him to pay attention). Robin and I used to attend a lot of home games, as well. But it got too expensive, so we don't go anymore. And I pay attention, but when your team doesn't make the playoffs for 13 years, it's easy to forget they are there.

Which is my way of saying I am a Warriors fan, but there are much more hardcore fans than I am. And out of respect for them, I have been quiet as the locals put on an amazing playoff run against the Dallas Mavericks. The fans who have stuck with the team through the long nights and months and years deserve the moment more than a fair-weather fan.

But I have to say something now, because to be silent is to be disrespectful. I have to at least make note here that the Warriors are on the verge of something historic in the NBA, and it's pretty damned exciting.