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the kitties are back

I picked up the kitties from their bed and breakfast this morning. Seriously, that's what they call themselves, the Feline Bed & Breakfast. I'm happy with the results, and won't worry too much if we decide to leave the cats there while we're in Europe … the only real problem is the cost, which isn't unreasonable but which adds up over the course of a whole month.

As expected, Starbuck was the problem … not really, she didn't do anything wrong, because she didn't do anything. She climbed into a dark place underneath a little fake mountain in their "suite" and didn't come out. The lady at the place called Starbuck "shy," which doesn't quite get it … she's skittish and paranoid … but the result is the same. She didn't have much fun, and it will likely take awhile to get her used to us again. I don't know how much better it would be if we had a cat sitter … might work out since at least she'd be in her own house, but it's strange people that bother her more than anything.

Meanwhile, also as expected, Six and Boomer were very popular. They both love every person they meet. Six is … how do I say this … outgoing, and she was friends with everybody pretty much by the time we left the building on Saturday. Boomer took a bit longer, then was much the same as Six. While the basic rules are to keep the cats in their "suite" except for two short "playroom" sessions, I am happy to report that when/if the cats acclimate themselves to the place, they get to come out a lot, and they get to roam all over the joint. So Six and Boomer were spending as much as five hours a day just playing wherever they wanted, because everyone found them so lovable. I have a feeling if they'd kept Six longer than a few days, they'd start noticing how quickly "lovable" can transform into "annoying" … Robin doesn't call her "Brat Cat" for nothing … in any event, she and Boomer charmed the heck out of the staff, making up for Starbuck's unwillingness to even come out and play by herself.

I'd recommend the Feline Bed & Breakfast, if anyone is reading this via the wonders of Google. The people there love cats, which I bet isn't always the case, and they seemed from this short stay to know what to do with them. YMMV depending on the personality of your own cats.