by the hammer of thor: 30 rock season finale

help shape our time

Rolling Stone is 40 years old, which makes me feel pretty fucking old, too, but that's not the point. They are running a series of special issues devoted to their anniversary, and the first is out now. It includes 20 interviews with "the artists and leaders who helped shape our time."

"Our time" means … well, even I'm probably a bit young. So it's no surprise, and perhaps it's even appropriate, that the interviewees are all in the general vicinity of 60 or older. (Just eyeballing the list, my guess is the youngest is Jackson Browne, who is just under 60.) None of the choices are particularly bad … Bob Weir seems a bit of a stretch, but the Dead were in the first issue, so even he makes some sense. There are nine musicians, three directors, two actors, two writers, two politicians, one journalist, and Stewart Brand, a blend which reflects Rolling Stone, I'd say.

But here's the thing: the 20 people they chose as "the artists and leaders who helped shape our time" are 18 white guys and 2 white women.

Which, now that I think of it, also reflects Rolling Stone.