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My fifteen minutes of fame have been extended yet again, and, as with the last time, it's the Chronicle that moved the hands on the clock. Last week, Jon Carroll wrote a column about plagiarism that inspired me to drop him a quick email in response. Today, Jon ran a "letters column," and guess who showed up? "I also got notes from teachers who deal with plagiarism every day in the classroom. Steven Rubio outlines an interesting dilemma …"

Yes, it's that little old fame whore, me. I'll leave it to you to follow the link so you can read the entire column … here's an excerpt from the first part of my email, which didn't get quoted:

I'm an English teacher at the community college level who refuses to blame an entire class of students, in advance, for the possible future actions of a particular student. I am not naive ... I know students plagiarize ... but that is no reason to contribute to the "culture of distrust" which most surely does exist. And so I do not have students submit their papers via Turnitin.

Your column today points out the reality of higher education today, although I'm not sure this is more true now than before: students in general are not in college to get an education as much as they are there to improve their chances on the job market. And students are not to blame for this state of affairs.

Thanks to Jay Hipps … yes, Jay, you were the first to let me know! I hadn't gotten to my morning paper yet.