friday random ten, 1968 edition
more facegen freakiness for doug

guess I better watch another movie right now

I had an hour and 50 minutes remaining on this month's allocation at Netflix "Watch Now." That the thing where you watch movies streamed on your computer. You get them "free," one hour's worth per month for every dollar a month you spend on Netflix. Since I have a big nice monitor, and since Netflix's streaming is pretty good, it's a nice value for the price. I decided to watch Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder, which is 1:45. When it was done, I figured I'd done pretty well keeping my "lost" minutes down to five. And then I read this on the Netflix site:

You have 5 minutes of instant movie watching time remaining through 03/30/2007.

You can start a movie of any length regardless of the number of minutes you have remaining on your account. You can pause and restart that movie and watch it until the end. However, if you leave the movie playback page or close your browser after the remaining time on your account reaches zero, you will not be able to restart that movie or any other until the start of your next billing period on 03/31/2007.

I guess I better start watching another movie right now!