accidental yahoo fantasy

I am the semi-accidental owner of a Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball team. I wanted to try out their interface … had never played their version of the game before … fiddled around, made a draft list, decided what the heck, it's free, and pressed "submit." Very soon afterwards, I got an email … I was in a league, and the live draft was beginning in 15 minutes. I didn't ask to be put into a live-draft league. They are the best way to go, but all those years working for CompuServe, doing six or seven auctions every spring, each running five hours or more … I got burned out, and I haven't done a live draft in years.

Well, maybe I should give them a try. This one was v.efficient. We all had our lists … when our turn to pick was up, a clock started counting down, and we had 90 seconds to choose, or the computer would pick a player off the top of our list. Everyone was either there "live" or had set the "I'm away" toggle, because the clock only made it down to zero seconds a couple of times. The entire 12-team, 21-players-per-squad draft was done in just under an hour. Hey, Steve F, are ESPN live drafts like this, too? (As in, fast?)

It mostly went OK. I'm not particularly fond of the rules for the league (I don't usually play the "all of MLB universe" leagues, and I prefer "sabermetric" categories to the more traditional 5x5 used by Yahoo). But it's a harmless entity, even if I have to ignore it for a month when we go to Europe.

Anyway, here's the team I ended up with:

C: Jorge Posada

1B: Prince Fielder

2B: Ryan Freel, Orlando Hudson

3B: Adrián Béltre, Chad Tracy

SS: Hanley Ramírez

OF: Carlos Beltrán, Curtis Granderson, Chris Young, David DeJesús, Corey Hart

SP: Jake Peavy, Jeremy Bonderman, Curt Schilling, Anthony Reyes, Dave Bush

RP: B.J. Ryan, Brad Lidge, Scot Shields, Jon Rauch

I think the way the rules work, I was stupid to pick a fifth outfielder … time will tell. Here's a link that I think will take you to my team page. Or maybe not, these things don't usually work for me.