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oscar run xxx: the black dahlia

oscar run xxix: animated short films

When they say short, they mean short … it took me barely more than half an hour to watch four of these.

The most likely winner of the Oscar is The Danish Poet, which is also the longest at 15 minutes. This is an effortless story about love, and is charming, with good narration from Liv Ullmann. The Little Matchgirl is a Disney effort that looks a lot like old-school Disney. It's touching … oh, you know how I love touching … and I suppose some people would think the ending was happy, but I thought it was pretty downbeat. No Time for Nuts is from the Ice Age people, and features one of the characters from those movies. I couldn't stand Ice Age and never saw Ice Age 2, so I didn't even recognize the character. The best thing about the short was that it was 76 minutes shorter than the first Ice Age movie. Finally, Maestro was clever enough to keep your attention for four minutes, had an ending I, at least, wasn't expecting, and did a pretty cool trick whereby the "camera" did a constant 360-degree move. (I wasn't able to see the fifth nominee, Lifted.)

My favorites were The Danish Poet and Maestro.