friday random ten, 1963 edition
oscar run xxviii: the prestige

oscar run xxvii: live action short films

Short films are interesting. I tend to like them … I don't complain about movies being too long just to be cranky … even a bad short is over soon, and the best ones are lean, all-meat wonders. But I don't really remember short films after I've seen them. So I can tell you I didn't much care for Six Shooter, which won this category last year, but I can only tell you that because I can see on IMDB that I rated it 5 on a scale of 10. I don't actually recall anything about the movie.

I still have this year's nominees fresh in my mind, though, so I can tell you that I thought Binta y la gran idea was one of those sappy one-love movies where you don't need to read the credits to know it came from UNICEF. And I can tell you that the other four were about equal in quality. Éramos pocos was a funny look at how hapless men are without a woman around (and it had a surprise ending), Helmer & søn was a mundane but heartwarming look at how hapless men are about exposing their emotions to their fathers (and it had a surprise ending), The Saviour was an interesting look at Mormon missionaries in Australia (and it had a surprise ending), and West Bank Story was an entertaining but one-joke version of West Side Story, with Jews and Arabs in place of Sharks and Jets (and the ending shouldn't have surprised anyone). If I had to pick a favorite, I suppose it would be Éramos pocos, if I had to guess which one would win, I'd choose either Binta for the sappy message, or West Bank Story because its one joke was a good one. All of these films are available on iTunes for $1.99 apiece.


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