life goes on
further notes on a critical manifesto

oscar post mortem

Ellen was fine … she's funny, everyone loves her, she didn't cause trouble, I bet she's invited back.

Biggest mistakes: Children of Men should have won something. Eddie Murphy got robbed. Five years from now, Jennifer Hudson will be doing guest appearances as a singer on Shark, but Adriana Barraza will still have an acting career, and Rinko Kikuchi will be a star. One last shout out to Dave Chappelle's Block Party, A Scanner Darkly, and Casino Royale, all of which were better than The Departed, none of which received a single Oscar nomination. And thanks to Martin Scorsese, the only person connected with The Departed who thought to mention the Hong Kong film makers who created the original. (Oh, there was the presenter, I forget who, that said Infernal Affairs was a Japanese movie.)

Given the nominations, the major winners were decent choices … Alan Arkin is wonderful, but Eddie Murphy should have won, but the other majors were reasonable. OK, Little Miss F. Sunshine didn't deserve Best Screenplay, but at least it didn't win Best Picture.