oscar run v: quinceañera (spoilers ahead)
oscar run vi: dave chappelle's block party (michel gondry, 2005) (it's bigger than hip hop)


[T]hey have been ushered into a non-reality-based belief system. This isn't a matter of, "This is one viewpoint, here's another." This is a world of magic and signs and miracles and wonders, and [on the other side] is the world you hate, the liberal society that has shunted you aside and thrust you into despair.

Chris Hedges, on the evangelical right

I can think of a lot of people who would place themselves squarely within the traditions of “liberal society.” They are proud to call themselves liberal in the political sense, during a time when “liberal” is a dirty word. Some of these liberals also live and believe in a world of magic, signs, miracles, and wonders. Such beliefs are the antithesis of reality-based belief systems. I don’t think for a second that these liberals share much with the evangelical right, when it comes to politics. But they all participate in “non-reality-based belief systems,” and thus have far more in common with evangelicals than they will admit. When you take a peek at your horoscope, you’re placing yourself on the side of magic and signs and miracles and wonders. When President Bush looks reality straight in the eye and sees nothing, he’s right there with you and your horoscope, in a magical, miraculous, un-real world. We get the President we deserve.


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