oscar run vi: dave chappelle's block party (michel gondry, 2005) (it's bigger than hip hop)
extras: season two premiere (and irrelevant l word trivia)

rome: season two premiere

Another show where the lack of posts by me shouldn’t be interpreted as a criticism. Rome is a very good series with much to recommend it, and I look forward to the second and final season. But nothing much has changed … it’s still a historical drama about Rome at the time of Caesar, it still has some delicious scene-chewing by Polly Walker, and it still manages to sidestep comparisons with better-known versions of the tale. Last season ended with the assassination of Julius Caesar … this season begins right when the last one left off. A funeral is planned … Brutus and Marc Antony will speak. We await the big scene … how will they handle Antony’s “friends Romans countrymen” speech without quoting Shakespeare? We see Brutus and Antony preparing … and then we see them after the fact, no speeches having been shown. From the conversation, it is clear that Antony has won over the people, but for proof of his eloquence, we must hear a drunk in a whore house telling his friends how Brutus was a wuss while Antony kicked ass. Very clever on the part of the Rome creators.

Rome is not quite up to the level of the best HBO series, but B+ HBO is better than most stuff on other networks. And did I mention Polly Walker?


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