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five, er, eight years ago

Five years ago, I posted the following on this blog:

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

what i watch

According to the Google Usenet archives, here's what I was watching on teevee three years ago:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Martial Law, Ally McBeal, Spin City, Sports Night, NYPD Blue, Vengeance Unlimited, and Cupid.

Let’s see … Buffy’s going to have an 8th season in comic book format … Sammo Hung disappeared from America … Calista Flockhart stars on Brothers and Sisters while Peter McNicol is a bad guy on 24 … Michael J. Fox doesn’t act anymore … Sports Night begat West Wing begat Studio 60NYPD Blue finally went off the air, only to live on in endless reruns … Michael Madsen’s sister gets more attention than he does … and Jeremy Piven makes Entourage worth watching.

So … it’s January 30, 2015. I’m 61 years old if I’m still alive. Gore/Obama are finishing up their second term in office. And what will have become of Katee Sackhoff? America Ferrara? Aaron Sorkin? Jeremy Piven? My predictions:

Katee Sackhoff, 2015: The lead actress in a television dramedy that gets mediocre ratings but lasts two seasons.

America Ferrara, 2015: She wins a Best Supporting Actress Oscar as Scarlett Johansson’s best friend in some movie.

Aaron Sorkin, 2015: He comes up with a great idea for a TV series and writes scripts for the first four episodes before he takes it around to the networks. The show ends up being a rare continuing series on PBS.

Jeremy Piven, 2015: He gets nominated for a Tony, after appearing in two failed TV series after Entourage runs its course.


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