five, er, eight years ago

charlie comes to town

Charlie came by for a visit yesterday. As always, he took a bunch of pictures, and I took a couple, too, although mine always look crummy next to his. He’ll hate what I’ve done to his pictures here … he works very hard to compose the frame, and then I chop it up against his wishes. Oh well.

Charlie jillian

That’s the one I took.

Steven starbuck

Charlie loved the kitties … geez, everyone loves the kitties, it’s kinda disgusting.

Boomer and six in condo

And the kitties love Charlie … especially Six, if the next picture is evidence:

Charlie and six



Nope, just a coincidence!


Well, of course everyone loves the kitties! Where's Starbuck?


Everyone ignores Starbuck because she's crippled, even though she is the most beautiful kitty in all of Puppetland. If it wasn't for me telling her she is the best and giving her lots of hugs and kisses, she'd be all alone in this world.

Starbuck is in the one picture with me. But she's working at a disadvantage. She is very pretty, but her coloring means if you take 20 pictures of her, 19 will be hard to see. And while the two others crawl all over anyone who walks into the room (as you can tell from that last picture, where Six is on Charlie's arm), Starbuck scampers away from anyone who tries to touch her ... the only way to get her is if she's lying down, she'll let you pet her sometimes on those occasions.

Basically, she's a lot like her namesake. And since Starbuck is my favorite on BSG, it figures she's my fave kitty, too.


srubio is making up stories

Charlie Bertsch

It was awesome to visit with you and Robin (and Jillian and Doug too). I miss you enormously. But I took more photos of Starbuck than the others, I'll have you know. Don't mind the cropping, BTW, but what did you do to the color? The bright red of your pseudo-fireplace has become brick red.


hey thats a real fireplace! lol


What Sara said. We never have a fire going when you're there, Charlie, because I assume it would get your lungs a-hackin'.

Oh yeah, I did mess with the color :-).


Nice pics. Love the kitties in their condo!


The boys and I all love the pics of the young furry ones!

Charlie Bertsch

But why did you desaturate the color? Unless you were having an I-hate-Stanfurd momemt, it seems perverse to deaturate such a beautiful red.


I've already forgotten my reasoning, but I suspect it was because the important part for me was the cat and the person, and I got better color for them if I cranked down the red factor. Yours is a better picture, and you likely had a different intention ... as we said when we talked about this, you are a master at planning your shots before you take them, so the best of them come out just right. I'll post the "original" later ... doing school bureaucratic stuff right now.

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