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the last moniz

Looks like the Moniz Portuguese Sausage company is no more. The old guy who owned the place is going into a well-earned retirement. There are rumors that he passed the linguica recipe on, although I’ll believe it when I see it, and his sausage-making plant has been bought by some guy who is supposed to make great salamis. Hey, I’ll eat pretty much any linguica, but I was raised on Moniz, so this is a sad day for the Rubios … our grandmother used to get Moniz delivered to her house (other people had milkmen, she had a linguica man).

I bought one last package at the Spanish Table, and this morning, Robin and I killed it off with the standard eggs and toast. I made sure to commemorate the event:

The last package:


Grease in the pan:

Pan grease

It’s cooked!


The last ride:


Good eatin’:

Good eatin'