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interesting stats

Got to get all of this year-end stuff out of the way.

Google doesn’t seem to be picking up my blog of late, so maybe I won’t get any more of those kidney stone sufferers. Meanwhile, StatCounter tells me that the top three search strings (and four of the top five) that bring people to my blog are Wire-related.

But let’s get to the important part. Here is the last list from 2006 of people my visitors want to see naked:

Jennifer Connolly, Christina Hendricks, Tricia Helfer, Milton Berle (penis), Polly Walker, Kathy Franco (having sex), Charo, “two women” (making love), Henry Simmons (shirtless), Mimi Rogers, Meredith Baxter, Susan Sarandon (her tits), Adrienne Barbeau (hooters), Kristin Proctor (boobs), King Kong (gams), Peggy Lipton, Cindy Walden, Robin Weigert, Kelly Reilly, Leisha Hailey,  and “dishwashing naked babe.”

Other (non-nude) classic strings: “whatever happened to the singing nun,” “can you die from kidney stones,” “bobblehead pterodactyl abraham lincoln,” “rubio’s graphic english,” “fanta limon,” “never had reaction to scallops sudden swollen lips,” and “paolo maldini’s mother.”

Finally, I started checking this stuff in part because I changed the layout of the blog a bit after I got a widescreen monitor. The changes resulted in a few problems with pictures for people using monitor resolutions of under 1024x768. StatCounter gives me info about the techie aspects of my visitors. So I know that recently, almost 80% of my visitors use some form of WinXP, and that very few visitors use a non-Windows OS (just under 9% Mac, under 1% Linux, a little more than 3% unknown). About half of my visitors are using IE6 … about 1/8th are using IE7, although that might be too large an estimate, since that’s the browser I use and I’m the most frequent visitor. (Firefox 1.5 is the most popular Firefox version … all of them together constitute about 1/4th of my visitors.)

Oh yeah … fewer than 8% of my visitors have a resolution under 1024x768. Half are at that 1024x768. My own monitor is oddly shaped, even for widescreen … 1680x1050 … I guess I show up as “Unknown.”