thanksgiving 1970
sympathy for mr. vengeance

old pix

Another blast from the past. Robin’s dad is moving, and Sara dug out some old photos. Here are two. I’m not sure when the first one was taken … after 1978 and before 1981 is the best I can do. The man behind Neal is Robin’s dad, the blond-headed guy is Robin’s stepbrother Daniel, and I can’t remember who the other guy is. Sara has her trademark suck-thumb-with-finger-on-top-of-nose trick going, while Neal has his Johnny Ramone hair-do … not sure he’s ever forgiven us for that. Hey Sara, I think the shirt I’m wearing was velveteen or something like that:

Early neal sara

The second is from August of 1984, and was taken at Robin’s sister Tami’s wedding. As you can see, Neal and Sara were in the ceremony … he was 9, she was 6:

Neal sara tami's wedding


Katie of Germany

I believe that's Steve Sabatini, Tami's lawyer boyfriend who had a Hobiecat.


In the top picture, the guy you can't remember is, indeed, Steve Sabbadini, who Tami dated briefly all those years ago. He is a criminal defense attorney in Woodland now and I just happened to talk to him yesterday for the first time in 25 years :0!

And, that's me to the left of Neal in the wedding pic. Wow, what a freaking ugly dress!!!

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