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bye bye sonic

I've been with for many years, and think they are the best ISP I ever had. But the reality of my online situation is that I don't need them anymore. Comcast provides my Internet access, I have email at Gmail, Comcast, and ARC (among others), I have a blog at TypePad that passes for a website (and can use Comcast when needed for other web material, among other sites). Pretty much the only thing I was still using my Sonic account for was email lists, which are easily moved.

So, effective December 1, my Sonic account will no longer be active. If you are one of the few people still using that account for my email address, you'll need to switch. My primary email account is on Gmail ... it's the same address as the Sonic account, just replace "" with "" and you'll be fine.

Sonic is a local provider ... unfortunately, not local enough for me, as they are in Santa Rosa. If you live over there and need an ISP, I still recommend them, but they don't work for broadband access in Berkeley. I've refrained from canceling for a long time, but it's time to cut that cord, with a tip of the cap to the long history that led me to Sonic ... call it the "dial-up connections of the past" award: Hooked, Wenet, Sonic, along with CompuServe and UC Berkeley.


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