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six years (sour grapes department)

Yesterday, the Oakland A's won a playoff series against the Twins, and will move on now to face either Detroit or the Yankees. I'm happy for the team, which is hard to dislike, and for my sister Chris (fan since 1968 or so) and my niece Julie (wasn't born yet in '68 or I betcha she'd have already been a fan, too).

But I was reading an article in today's Chronicle about A's fans celebrating the end of a little mini-curse that had seen their fine team miss out on post-season glory in recent times. And I came across this quote, from one Colbert Tse:

"I've been waiting for this moment for six years -- six years. It's great."

Six years -- six years.

Boo fucking hoo. Fans of the San Francisco Giants have been waiting for 48 years -- 48 years. We'd have been waiting longer, but the team didn't move here until 1958.



I read that quote, too, and thought it was ridiculous. He's probably all of 25, too, so he hasn't waited long for much.

And so, it will be Detroit... not the team predicted to win the World Series this year... guess anything can happen in the game of baseball indeed!

Steven Rubio

It's double happiness for Chris: A's win, Yankees lose!


Dear Steve,

Thank your fucking lucky stars you aren't a Cubs fan.


A Red Sox Fan


Steven Rubio

You see, I have a theory about this. Here's how it works:

Somewhere there is a Cubs fan who was alive in 1906 or whenever it was they last won the Series. So the length of time Cubs fans have waited for a title is not infinite; it is X number of years. This is also true for Cleveland fans, since they only have to go back to 1948.

San Francisco Giants fans have never seen their team win the World Series. Yes, the New York Giants won, but we didn't root for the New York Giants, they weren't our team, and so they didn't count.

All the above means the following: there are no fans of any baseball franchise who have suffered longer than the Giants without seeing their team win. That ancient Cub fan saw them win, as did the less-aged Indian fan. But no SF Giants fan has ever seen their team win, and no other group of fans can make the same claim for as long a period of time as Giants fans.

I'll add that this was just as true in 2002, when the sentimental choice was the Angels, because their fans had waited so long. The Giants had already failed to the Series three times before the Angels were created. So we had waited longer than Angels fans. And, of course, we're still waiting.

Charlie Bertsch

I'm with you, Steven. I'll be rooting mildly for the A's, I suppose -- much to Kim's Athletic-despising chagrin -- but my heart is elsewhere.

In other news, I see you had Pavement's "Grounded" on your recently played list. That was one of our wedding songs and perhaps my favorite Pavement song ever.

Steven Rubio

Don't know if you realize this, but I often imagine you looking at my recently played list. I'm thrilled when you leave little notes like the one above, and no, that's not irony, I'm serious. Of course, I also think of you whenever I listen to Pavement.

Speaking of your wedding, what anniversary is it this year?

Patrick Ellis

Even if you count the New York years, the Giants last won in 1954. On the afternoon of October 2nd, 1954, when the Giants last won a Word Series, my mother was just entering her second trimester with me. Some would say I was thus alive, but as far as I'm concerned I've been waiting my whole damn life no matter how you count it, and I'm starting to look like a pretty old guy.

This post-season I was rooting for the A's (& Mets, Tigers, & Anyone But the Cardinals Except the Dodgers), but after watching the Detroit players celebrating with their fans after whomping on the Yankees, rooting for anyone but them became a duty more than anything I really felt. By the end of the ALCS yesterday I was all bitter satisfaction watching the A's get swept in four, muttering to myself "now you know what it feels like." Mets over Cardinals for the NL pennant & either Tigers or Mets for the series.

I sure am glad Pinella removed himself.

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