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the latest poll is closed

Well, the first poll, asking if I should have polls, got 46 replies, with 28 people saying “yes.” So I’d like to report that my latest poll got at least 28 responses.

The question was “Are we living in a ‘golden age’ of television?” My opinion is clear … I mean, I just spent an hour writing about Deadwood, calling it one of the greatest series in the history of television. I voted in this poll, in fact. Here are the results:

No: 11

Yes: 9

What’s a “golden age”?: 7

I voted against having polls: 7

What’s a television?: 2

Toss out the people who once again noted their opposition to polls, and there are 29 replies, which I’d take as one more than I got last week (cheesy math, I know). That’s the good news. The bad news is that only 20 people responded with a yes or no answer, with 9 people opting for a joke response and 7 just saying “shut up.”

And the sad news, from my perspective, is that of the people who registered an opinion on the actual subject, 55% said no, we are not in a golden age of television. To which I say, and I can because this is my blog, who are you morons?

Now that I’ve insulted 11 of you, I’ll come up with another poll. Last week, my standard was to get at least 28 replies. This week, my goal will be to get at least 20. If I get fewer than 20, I’ll give up.

Here’s a brief breakdown of three of the respondents. I only get details on registered users of Vizu, which hosts these polls, and as far as I can tell, besides me there were three others. All three had conservative politics and had some college education.

One was a married woman, age 55+, lives in the “Pacific,” unemployed, one or two kids, income over $100,000, lives with one other person.

One was a married man, age 55+, lives in the “West So. Central” region, employed, one or two kids, income $51,000–100,000, lives with one other person.

One was an unmarried man, age 25–54, lives in the Pacific, employed, no kids, income $100,000+, lives alone.