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Not that this is a problem on the level of global warming, but one thing I wonder about when blogging is this: when you know something worthy of comment is going to happen, should you post before, after, or both?

My nephew Sean is graduating from high school tonight, and I'll be in attendance. Which is more than I can say for my own high school graduation ceremony. It was 1970, I was a few days shy of my 17th birthday, and I had lost interest in school during my senior year, for a variety of reasons (some would blame marijuana, I might note that Robin dumped me that year). The last thing I wanted to do was go to a stupid graduation. My mom was very pissed ... she said graduation wasn't for the kids, it was for the parents. That was good enough for me ... anything to piss off my mom. So I didn't go. (She held a grudge on that one for a couple of decades ... when I got my bachelor's degree in 1987, she refused to go to my graduation ceremony because I didn't go to my high school version.)

What I did that graduation night in 1970 was take some acid. My friend Tom came over and we goofed around ... he played with my mind a lot, he hadn't dropped anything. It was a fun night, more fun than if I'd made my mom happy.

So what were my prospects in June of 1970? I'd graduated from high school with a GPA that had dropped almost a full grade in my senior year, leaving me according to some sources as the student with the biggest discrepancy between my class ranking in test scores (#1) and my class ranking in GPA (let's just say I wasn't #1). I wasn't going to college, hadn't even applied to any. I didn't know what a job was, had never applied for one. I liked to take drugs, and that's pretty much my life at that point.

Where am I in June of 2006? I have a doctorate in English from a prestigious university, I've taught at three fine institutes of higher education, I've written pieces for several books, I have a wife and two fine kids who have themselves grown into fine adults.

So Sean, as you go off into whatever world awaits you, remember this: it's all uphill from here. They say high school is the best time of your life ... that's only true for the losers who never do anything after they graduate. For the rest of us, you included, there are many better times ahead.


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