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the last stand

We finished our weekend by seeing X-Men: The Last Stand. Robin is an X-Men fan ... not of the comics, but of the cartoons ... so we had to go. There's a lot of eye candy amongst the stars of this film ... I confess (SPOILER ALERT) I was kinda sad about what happened to Mystique, since Rebecca Romijn looks so hot in her make-up (trivia note: she went to high school with Imaayu). The basic concept of X-Men is fine, but for my money, it never really goes anywhere. I haven't learned more after I watched the movie than I would have if I'd just read a summary. Meanwhile, there are so many mutants that most of them get short shrift.

(We go to a movie almost every anniversary weekend, again because we did so on our honeymoon and thus have a tradition. That first movie? Hitler: The Last Ten Days.)

Finally, our annual take-our-photo-on-the-Boardwalk excursion: