the last stand

our second day

Yesterday I explained that we had spent our time laying around, eating out, and walking here and there. We did the same thing on Sunday, although we ate at different places and we walked on the beach. We are not, I fear, the kind of travelers whose tales make for interesting reading. As I told Robin yesterday as we had lunch at the Las Palmas Taco Bar, we are very good at doing nothing, which makes us excellent traveling companions but rather boring in the final analysis. This weekend will be remembered for the slight differences between it and other anniversaries ... for instance, we only ate once at Las Palmas instead of three times, because we're not staying by the beach. Actually, that is how we will remember this weekend: our first at a Santa Cruz bed and breakfast.

Oh, and when we told our waitress at Oswald last night that we were celebrating our 33rd anniversary, she exclaimed "what, did you get married when you were 10?"