where we're staying

our first day

We arrived early yesterday afternoon and were shown our room. It's a bit smaller than it looks on the website, but still plenty big. A great comfy bed, a small room next to the bedroom, good-sized bathroom with shower and jacuzzi tub, wi-fi (duh, how else am I writing this), DVD player. We walked down to the mall for lunch ... for those who haven't been to Santa Cruz, "mall" isn't what you think, it's a long street area with no cars allowed, kinda like Telegraph if it was cleaner and didn't have autos. If you've seen Sudden Impact, this is the mall where Dirty Harry chases down bad guys when he's supposed to be on R&R.

Came home, relaxed, then went to our annual dinner at Shadowbrook. Got an especially nice table ... all the tables there are nice, it's reputation is based on ambiance above all else, but this one was up a floor with a view of the creek/river. I had peppered steak, Robin had scallops. A nice surprise awaited us ... the Holmes family had arranged to pick up the check. Thanks, guys!

This morning we had a little breakfast ... it is called a bed and breakfast, after all ... and now we're off to the beach.