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music on youtube

Joel Selvin has a very good article in today's Chronicle about music videos on YouTube. He lists several excellent examples of what you can find ... they're all worth a look, but I wanted to single out three in particular, just in case you stumble across my blog today and need to see greatness.

First, there's Otis Redding singing "Try a Little Tenderness" the day before he died. Of all the sixties icons who died too soon, I think Otis was the saddest.

Then there's Sister Rosetta Tharpe with "Down by the Riverside." If you've never seen/heard Rosetta, you have a gigantic surprising good time ahead of you. As one person comments, "Get it Grandma!"

Finally, an all-star jam session honoring George Harrison at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gives us a guitar weeping like it never has before, when Prince takes over and cranks out one monster chorus after another.

drill team

Robin found a book called Images of America: Antioch. In that book is a picture of my aunt:


The caption tells us this is the Holy Rosary Young Ladies Institute Drill Team. My aunt, listed as "Josephine Rubio," is standing on the far left. She lived a very interesting life ... she was a disc jockey on the local radio station, she had an odd television show called Ebbtide that ran on some local stations back when they would sign off for the night ... her show would be the last thing the station ran, and it consisted of her reading poetry over images of herself on the rocks by the ocean, wearing a flesh-colored bathing suit that often made her look naked. Later she married a man who produced an independent television show called Spotlight on Speed ... he would film local auto races and edit them together. The show would start with a voice saying "SPOTLIGHT ON SPEED," after which a white Mustang would drive up, my aunt would get out of the car, and the voice would say "STARRING MISS SPEEDWAY!" (Any relatives who remember how this story should really go, feel free to comment.)

the last stand

We finished our weekend by seeing X-Men: The Last Stand. Robin is an X-Men fan ... not of the comics, but of the cartoons ... so we had to go. There's a lot of eye candy amongst the stars of this film ... I confess (SPOILER ALERT) I was kinda sad about what happened to Mystique, since Rebecca Romijn looks so hot in her make-up (trivia note: she went to high school with Imaayu). The basic concept of X-Men is fine, but for my money, it never really goes anywhere. I haven't learned more after I watched the movie than I would have if I'd just read a summary. Meanwhile, there are so many mutants that most of them get short shrift.

(We go to a movie almost every anniversary weekend, again because we did so on our honeymoon and thus have a tradition. That first movie? Hitler: The Last Ten Days.)

Finally, our annual take-our-photo-on-the-Boardwalk excursion:



our second day

Yesterday I explained that we had spent our time laying around, eating out, and walking here and there. We did the same thing on Sunday, although we ate at different places and we walked on the beach. We are not, I fear, the kind of travelers whose tales make for interesting reading. As I told Robin yesterday as we had lunch at the Las Palmas Taco Bar, we are very good at doing nothing, which makes us excellent traveling companions but rather boring in the final analysis. This weekend will be remembered for the slight differences between it and other anniversaries ... for instance, we only ate once at Las Palmas instead of three times, because we're not staying by the beach. Actually, that is how we will remember this weekend: our first at a Santa Cruz bed and breakfast.

Oh, and when we told our waitress at Oswald last night that we were celebrating our 33rd anniversary, she exclaimed "what, did you get married when you were 10?"

our first day

We arrived early yesterday afternoon and were shown our room. It's a bit smaller than it looks on the website, but still plenty big. A great comfy bed, a small room next to the bedroom, good-sized bathroom with shower and jacuzzi tub, wi-fi (duh, how else am I writing this), DVD player. We walked down to the mall for lunch ... for those who haven't been to Santa Cruz, "mall" isn't what you think, it's a long street area with no cars allowed, kinda like Telegraph if it was cleaner and didn't have autos. If you've seen Sudden Impact, this is the mall where Dirty Harry chases down bad guys when he's supposed to be on R&R.

Came home, relaxed, then went to our annual dinner at Shadowbrook. Got an especially nice table ... all the tables there are nice, it's reputation is based on ambiance above all else, but this one was up a floor with a view of the creek/river. I had peppered steak, Robin had scallops. A nice surprise awaited us ... the Holmes family had arranged to pick up the check. Thanks, guys!

This morning we had a little breakfast ... it is called a bed and breakfast, after all ... and now we're off to the beach.