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Robin found a book called Images of America: Antioch. In that book is a picture of my aunt:


The caption tells us this is the Holy Rosary Young Ladies Institute Drill Team. My aunt, listed as "Josephine Rubio," is standing on the far left. She lived a very interesting life ... she was a disc jockey on the local radio station, she had an odd television show called Ebbtide that ran on some local stations back when they would sign off for the night ... her show would be the last thing the station ran, and it consisted of her reading poetry over images of herself on the rocks by the ocean, wearing a flesh-colored bathing suit that often made her look naked. Later she married a man who produced an independent television show called Spotlight on Speed ... he would film local auto races and edit them together. The show would start with a voice saying "SPOTLIGHT ON SPEED," after which a white Mustang would drive up, my aunt would get out of the car, and the voice would say "STARRING MISS SPEEDWAY!" (Any relatives who remember how this story should really go, feel free to comment.)