friday random ten, sleater-kinney edition
sometimes history writes itself

the part of the bible where x begat y

OK, here's one version of "Who Are All of Those People in Those Old Photos?" This version will be the "Relationship" version ... I'll try to connect everyone as best I can (hey, I'm working from memory, and it was the 60s). I'll just include people in photos since Tina started sending them.

OK, obviously there's Robin and I. We ... I don't know what to call any of this, not really "dating," and in many cases a couple wasn't really a couple, if you know what I mean. Plus I'm not going to distinguish between "were a couple" and "were a couple who had sex" and "weren't a couple but had sex" ... like I say, most of us are still alive. Anyway, Robin and I were a couple from September of '68 to the summer of '69.

The next picture adds Jim O'Donnell, Michael Sullivan, and Dale Watson. Jim wasn't paired up with anyone in those days. Michael went on to become Dub Debrie ... he and Robin were kind of a couple for awhile there. Dale became a psychologist ... he and Robin also had something resembling a relationship. I could also mention our friend Danna, who isn't in any of these pictures but who I wrote about when she passed away (see "oldies but goodies" to your left) ... she and I were boyfriend and girlfriend in the summer of '67, then later she and Dale were a couple for a few years.

Next is a poster from a benefit show from 1970. One of the musical acts was the Basha Band, which at that point consisted of Michael, me, Tom Rose, and Matt Littlemoon. I was a latecomer to that band, since I played bass and they already had a bass player in Michael, who was also a guitarist at that point. Tom was the drummer; he and Robin spent some time together, although I don't suppose you'd call them a couple. Matthew played guitar and was the one with stage presence, coming from San Francisco and all ... he's in a lot of the photos because he and Tina were a couple. Also mentioned on the poster is Judy Wilcox, who occasionally sang with the Basha Band and also sang folkie-style music on her own ... she and I spent a night or two together but weren't a couple.

Then there's the Taco Bell pictures. John Bassett was just a fine guy, everyone's friend, and while I can't list any of his partners, short or long term, I suspect some of them are in these pictures. John and Matthew were also the ones who accompanied me on my first acid trip. Ann Radwell and I weren't exactly a couple, either, but we sometimes acted like one ... Robin, help me out here, how do I describe that one? Ann and Tina were best friends, and it was Ann's mom who first got me my job in the factory.

Moving on, there's Paula Thompson, the Marianne Faithfull of the group. She and Tom were boyfriend and girlfriend for quite awhile, while I suspect most of the rest of us boys wished we could say the same. Later she married Dan Walden, who isn't in these pictures but who was a longtime friend ... his mother was my kindergarten teacher, and he went on to be a lawyer on Manhattan and then, I believe, something else. That was after he and Paula had broken up. One of his best friends was Ralph Garrow, who is not in these pictures but who was at the memorial service when we caught up with Tina. Ralph's wife worked with Robin's dad for several years, while Ralph's father was the main realtor in Antioch back when my father was the contender for the real estate throne.

Then there's Robin's dad, Bob, who just married Carol. Carol's sister is married to the man who was Bob's longtime best friend. Bob used to be married to Mary, who used to be married to Skip, who was a P.E. teacher who at various times taught both me and my brother Geoff (and my brother David, for all I know). One year when Mary and Skip were married and I was a kid, they lived across the street from us. Mary was a substitute teacher in those days, and she also had me as a student. Actually, they weren't the only neighbors in this story ... the Rose family lived across a large field, you could see their house from our backyard. I didn't know Tom then, but I knew his sister Theresa, who later was Robin's maid of honor (while Tom and Theresa's dad, Judge Rose, presided at our wedding). Before they moved into our backyard, the Roses lived on the same street as my cousins ... in particular, my cousin Jon has memories of little Tommy Rose running around the block ... Jon is the one who later worked behind the scenes on such classic movies as Leonard, Part 6 and Howard the Duck.

Finally, there's that housewarming picture. Ron Fulks was our friend from way back, but the people he was "involved" with aren't in any of these pictures. As I mentioned, Dave Shively was married at one point to Judy Wilcox, also mentioned above. Judy taught Michael a technique for playing the guitar (separate your right pinky from the rest of your hand and rest it on the guitar), and Michael later taught the same thing to my sisters, Sue and Chris. Oh, and Tina, whose house was being warmed, also used to go out with Robin's brother.

I think that's everybody. I imagine anyone from a small town could tell a similar story, if indeed this is a story and not just a bunch of random memories.

[Edited to add links to the various pix]



Dang, for being married to your high school sweet heart you guys really got around ;-)

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