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The Giants were lucky in April, finishing 13-11 despite allowing 12 more runs than they scored. If they don't improve that runs scored/allowed differential, they will be hard pressed to finish the season with more wins than losses.

I was lucky, too, since I saw five games and the Giants won four of them (today's being my first lost). I didn't see a lot of great games ... I saw Barry Bonds walk a lot and Moises Alou homer a lot, and that's about it.

The pitching has been crappy ... several of the team's pitchers have walked more than they have struck out, and the team as a whole has one of the worst ERAs in the league. The batting is about at the league average, but they accomplish this by getting good hitting from the guys at the top of the lineup ... once Moises bats in the #5 slot, there's nothing but junk until the top of the order comes around. Some seem to be surprised by this, but anyone who thought Feliz, Matheny and Niekro were any good were deluded from the start. It doesn't look to get any better, either ... "The Three Outs" (tm. Jonathan Bernstein) won't be quite as dismal the rest of the year, but Omar Vizquel ain't gonna hit .390 all season, so it evens out.

The bright side might turn out to be the pitching. Based on what we've seen so far, and indulging in a little dreaming, it's possible that Schmidt/Lowry/Cain will be a decent 3/5 of a rotation. The bullpen stinks, but Sabean has always been good at repairing this part of the roster, and it is the easiest part of the roster to repair in any event. The offense won't get fixed, though. Different people will get hot/cold over the course of the season, but 1) it's unlikely that Bonds and/or Alou will be healthy all year long, and 2) the holes at C/1B/3B are unlikely to be filled anytime soon. Unlikely, that's the word of the day ... this team is unlikely to be much good.

Anyone want to accompany me on Tuesday afternoon? I realize the above is a pretty poor job of advertising.


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