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That was pretty amazing. There should be a transcript eventually, and I'll steal some of the best lines and post them, but I wanted to get this out, since CSPAN will be re-running it (ASAP, and then some time tomorrow). It's the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, and Stephen Colbert was invited to give the "let's rip the Prez and laugh about it good-naturedly like we're at a celebrity roast" speech.

Well, Colbert wasn't exactly funny ... his delivery was a bit off, it's hard to know if CSPAN was playing with the audience sound, but it seemed like Colbert was bombing, you could barely hear any laughter. Bush certainly didn't seem to find any of it funny. But Colbert was on fire ... one after another, he hit at the sacred cows of the Bushies and of the mainstream press. He was brutal towards both groups ... no wonder they weren't laughing. You should watch it if you get a chance, and like I say, I'll post some of his zingers when I get them.