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more bonds

Joe Sheehan encourages us to quote him, and quote him I will. This is from today's column at the Baseball Prospectus website ... I think you need a subscription to read it, but then, I'm one who thinks you need a subscription if you like baseball.

Bonds’ grand-jury testimony was leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle, an event which became the impetus for an investigation into his life that produced a book, Game of Shadows, a book that now becomes the impetus for a perjury investigation, the news of which also gets leaked.

Maybe people don’t like Bonds’ recent bout of self-pity, but go back and read that sentence again. Think about how that cycle might make you feel if you were in the middle of it. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you, and just because you’re unpopular doesn’t mean you have to surrender all your rights as a citizen. There have still been no repercussions for the leaking of that testimony.

As was the case with those leaks, this latest information comes with no names attached, just--from the version of the story--"a person with knowledge of the probe" and "multiple sources" and "the Chronicle's sources." Perhaps this is the way the game is played these days, but I'm distinctly uncomfortable with the process....

The lesson of Barry Bonds has nothing to do with steroids, or for that matter, with baseball. The lesson of Barry Bonds is this: if you’re in the public eye, you better kiss the media’s collective ass. He didn’t, and he made no effort to hide his disdain for the people who covered the game and the work they did. That attitude, as much as anything else he’s done, is why he finds himself in this situation today.

sopranos f-word update

The Steve Hammond Count:

Episode 71 - "Live Free or Die"

Said the F-word 41 times
First utterance - Vito's goomah - 1:40

Total for the season 236
Average per episode 39.33

Total for all episodes - 3701
Average per episode - 52.12

Most ever in a single episode - 105 - Episode #19 "The Happy Wanderer"
Least ever in a single episode - 13 - Episode #27 "Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood"

Most in season 6 episode - 54 - Episode #68 "Mayham"
Least in season 6 episode - 17 - Episode #67 "Join the Club"

who wants to see the giants?

I thought I'd see if anyone reading this in the vicinity of the Bay Area is interested in attending Giants games. I am a season ticket holder who doesn't attend every game (and thus have 2 tix available at times) and who sometimes has an extra ticket if you'd like to accompany me to the game. Here is the next home stand ... if you're interested, drop me an email or leave a comment here.

  • Wed Apr 26 NY Mets 12:35
  • Fri Apr 28 Arizona 7:15 Orange Cap Night
  • Sat Apr 29 Arizona 1:05
  • Sun Apr 30 Arizona 1:05 Duffle bag giveaway
  • Mon May 1 San Diego 7:15 Seat cushion giveaway
  • Tue May 2 San Diego 12:35

I'm definitely going to the midweek day games on the 26th and the 2nd, if anyone wants to play hooky with me. Am open for other games as well.

easter tradition

When you do something twice, it's a tradition. Last Easter, for reasons I no longer remember, we ended up driving out to Neal and Sonia's, then heading to Del Norte Plaza for some dinner (Japanese food). On the way home, we stopped at Nation's and picked up pieces of pie. So tonight, we did it again, making it an official Easter tradition! The Neal-Sonia-Robin-Steven Easter Dinner Out Tradition, with Pie!


Former Marine captain Christopher H. Sheppard (link via Mark Evanier):

Three years ago, I was a Marine Corps captain on the Iraqi/Kuwaiti border, participating in the invasion of Iraq.... I completely trusted the Bush administration. I thought we were going to prove all of the left-wing antiwar protesters and dissenters wrong. I thought we were going to make America safer. Regrettably, I acknowledge that it was I who was wrong.

I believed the Bush administration when it said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. I believed its assertion that Iraq was trying to buy yellowcake uranium from Africa and refine it into weapons-grade uranium for a nuclear bomb. I believed its claim Iraq had vast quantities of biological and chemical agents. After years of thorough inspections, all of these claims have been disproved....

I believed the administration when it claimed the war could be done quickly and cheaply. It said the war would cost only between $50 billion and $60 billion. It said that Iraqi oil revenue would fund the country's reconstruction. I believed President Bush when he landed on the USS Lincoln and said "major combat operations have ended."

The war has cost the American taxpayers $250 billion and counting. The vast majority — 94 percent — of the more than 2,300 United States service members killed in Iraq have occurred since Bush's "Top Gun" proclamation. The cost in men and materiel has been far beyond what we were led to believe....

I now know I wrongfully placed my faith and trust in a presidential administration hopelessly mired in incompetence, hubris and a lack of accountability. It planned a war based on false intelligence and unrealistic assumptions. It has strategically surrendered the condition of victory in Iraq to people who do not share our vision, values or interests. The Bush administration has proven successful at only one thing in Iraq — painting us into a corner with no feasible exit.

I will never trust any of them again.

the shaggy hobby

I'm all in favor of hobbies ... hell, my whole life is a hobby. But some hobbies leave more interesting artifacts than others. Robin recently bought a spinning wheel, and she is trying out all aspects of woolery to see which ones she likes, and to get a feel for the whole process. Thus, she bought some wool that was straight off the sheep ... they shaved it, they packed it, they sent it to our house, which by the way now smells like sheep when it doesn't smell like cat shit. She has to treat the wool before it is usable, so last night she threw it all in the bathtub and proceeded to wash it out for a couple of hours. When she was done, it needed to dry, but, she said, if she just threw it in the dryer it would come out like dreadlocks. Therefore, she put it on top of some towels, where it will dry for a few days.

Those of you who have been to our house know it isn't v.big, so perhaps now you're wondering where she lay those towels. And so, without further ado, I give you our kitchen floor: