sometimes history writes itself
stephen colbert

nothing like a satisfied teen

The title of the article is "Self Expression Satisfying to Teens: Teens Do Their Thing At Antioch Rap Center."

I can't recall how the place got started, and the article doesn't do a good job of explaining it, either, since it's filled with bogus information we fed to the reporter, who to be fair seemed to know we were lying. For an example, the article states that "The Rap Center, which the youth claim was started by Chuckie Basha, a somewhat unknown teenager who has started to rise in the ranks of the teen world, is completely unstructured." Basha was indeed an icon to us, although I'm not sure if he was even a real person. My brother Geoff would tell us stories about Chuckie from Geoff's days in the Army, and we loved the name so much we co-opted it for our band, the aforementioned Basha Band.

Some insights from the article:

Teenagers most frequently there are a cross-section of the entire teenage population in Antioch. Some are student leaders, some are not. Some are border-line cases, verging on delinquency, others are straight-laced. Many are of the "silent middle" group which neither gets into trouble nor are considered "goody-goodies." All are decent teenagers ... they choose their own activities. If they decide to dance, they do. If they want to sing, they do. If they want to be loud and obnoxious, they are. If they want to be quiet and reserved, they are. But before they are classified as the "do-nothings," or the "unconcerned, uninvolved, uncaring" section of the teenage population, think again. They know where it's at.

Here's a photo from the article. It's me, Ralph Garrow, and Michael:


The caption reads "WHEN GIRLS WON'T DANCE -- Guys will. Three teenage boys, apparently unable to find girls who like to dance the way they do, find dancing around the floor by themselves a means of expressing themselves."

There's also a sidebar story about an adult (27 years old!) who comes to the Rap Center disguised as a teenager and "emerged with a better understanding of the teenage world." Funny part was, the adult was Michael's older sister.


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