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laughing with the boss

Some good commentary on Colbert's performance:

"It may be it's like one of those events where the boss is being ridiculed but everyone feels okay about laughing as soon as the boss starts laughing. Only in this case, the boss never started laughing."
-- Mark Evanier

"His speech was very funny. I would have laughed out loud more if I wasn't so busy cringing. No lie. The audience barely responded (unless you consider awkward silence a response) and I could feel Colbert fans everywhere twitching with anxiety. While other speakers made silly jokes about Bush's mispronunciations and the cramped workspaces of the press, Colbert took no prisoners and made jokes about everything from NSA wire-tapping to Bush's horrible approval rating to Valerie Plame. If he had done this material on The Colbert Report, everyone would have laughed like nothing was out of place... But at the dinner, Bush was right there. Right there. Just a few feet away from Colbert. This made me (and many fans) excruciatingly uncomfortable."
-- Annie Wu