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friday random ten, sleater-kinney edition

Since we're going to see them next Wednesday, I'll give the Random Ten over to them today:

1. "Tapping." "You live your life like it's a metaphor."

2. "White Rabbit." "One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small."

3. "The Size of Our Love." "Our love is the size of these tumors inside us."

4. "Hollywood Endings." "Can’t get that monster out of my mind."

5. "Far Away." "Why can't I get along with you?"

6. "Memorize Your Lines." "I won't calm down 'till I get to you."

7. "Hot Rock." "I'm not the one you wanted."

8. "Anonymous." "She swallowed the spider to catch, to catch that fly, but I don't know why, why she swallowed that lie."

9. "You're No Rock 'n' Roll Fun." "You wanna party with the lights on, come on I like it dark!"

10. "The Day I Went Away." "Do I always have to leave for you to want me here to stay?"