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friday random ten: capitola edition

My brother Geoff and I lived in Capitola from the late summer of 1970 through the beginning of the summer of 1971. Today's random ten comes from the music we listened to in those days. It's not much different from the music of the "underground" radio of the 60s ... just add another year to the mix. The station we mostly listened to was KOME out of San Jose, although there was another station whose call letters I forget that was more local to Capitola and which went off the air at 6:00 PM, after playing "Loan Me a Dime" by Boz Scaggs. We also had an early version of the random ten, whereby one of us would put on the headphones and the other would play selections from our LPs.

1. Joe Cocker, "Cry Me a River." The entire Mad Dogs and Englishmen experience was a big deal to us in those days. Leon Russell gets off a great "1 2 3 4" in this version.

2. Tim Buckley, "Hallucinations." Goodbye and Hello was another album we wore out.

3. Sly and the Family Stone, "Everyday People." They were still one of greatest bands on the planet in those days.

4. The Doors, "Five to One." We took the Doors seriously back then.

5. Bob Dylan, "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall." We took Dylan even more seriously.

6. The Beatles, "Back in the U.S.S.R." The Beatles, too.

7. Van Morrison, "Astral Weeks." We knew even then that this was one of the greatest albums ever recorded.

8. The Velvet Underground, "Venus in Furs." "I am tired, I am weary. I could sleep for a thousand years."

9. Big Brother and the Holding Company, "Ball and Chain." As this list will attest, we didn't listen to a whole lot of women in those days. Janis was one of the few.

10. Boz Scaggs, "Loan Me a Dime." OK, I cheated here. This didn't come up in the shuffle play, so I stuck it here myself, in honor of that radio station. Thing was, we could easily listen to this song every single day. I probably still could. Duane Allman, R.I.P.