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And here we are in 1984, at a housewarming party for Tina:


The two guys in the front are Ron Fulks and Dave Shively, fellow Antioch alumni. Tina's the one with the hair and the legs. Over in the lefthand corner ... well, let me get closer:


That's me, bald spot growing but not yet taking over my entire head, Judy Wilcox, who might have been married to Dave Shively when this was taken, although I'm not sure, and Robin.

I don't really know what to do with all these pictures as I post them. There are a lot of them, for which I guess we can thank Dub Debrie's mom, since it was at her memorial service that we caught up with Tina after a couple of decades, which led to her digging up old pictures and sending them to me, where I clean 'em up a bit and post them here. On the one hand, I assume the only people who are interested are those of us who lived through it, but then I get lots of emails from other readers who tell me they like the old pix. I suppose I could actually tell stories about some of these folks in the pictures, although I wouldn't want to say anything too juicy ... most of us are still alive. But maybe I'll try to come up with something useful to say about the pictures ... if I do, I'll post them (the comments, you can already see the pix).

So I'll add one more picture, from the front page of the Antioch Ledger. Who knows when, sometime between the late-60s and summer of 1970. It's a photo of Ann Radwell getting soaked in some lawn sprinklers at the high school, which I assume means it was a hot day. Tina's been sending me more pix of Ann, because for some reason they make me feel especially nostalgic, and you know how I love that feeling: