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paula by tina

Don't know why, exactly, but this picture of our friend Paula from, as usual, 1970 or so, makes me think how young we were:


Now that I think of it, we were young, Paula and I in particular ... she's one of the only people I can remember who skipped a grade like I did, meaning we were a year younger than the other people in our class (Robin was a grade behind us, and so she was the same age as us ... Paula was probably only 16 in this picture, 17 tops).

The other thing I think of when I look at this picture is that Marianne Faithfull seems to have gone to Antioch High ...



Hey, Steve -

Whatever happened to Paula? You sound like you still keep in touch...

-mike godwin-

btw, the pix from the 70's have been interesting, like looking at my kids, sorta...

Steven Rubio

Sorry, I haven't seen Paula in 25 years, haven't emailed her in a long time, either.

Glad you like the pictures, most of which come from Tina used-to-be Gooch. How did you find them, or for that matter, find me? I'm chatting with Robin, but she hasn't heard from you in forever, either, so it was fun to see your name. Of course, it does no good to Google you, since all I get are thousands of hits for your famous namesake. What's up?


5 or 6 years ago, I went through one of those "whatever happened to..." phases, and started looking up all sorts of people from my past (mainly high school, some college). Strangely enough, there weren't all that many I really wanted to contact :) but I did find some and bookmarked them (where appropriate), like yours. (I also found out that some people have no web presence whatsoever, and that generally it's easier to find men than women -- surnames don't change).

Anyway, I check your blog every few days, saw Paula's picture and wrote, since I never was able to find anything out about her...


btw, that other "Mike Godwin" has frustrated the vanity Google for me since day 1 — I, on the other hand, have a very small web footprint, so am swamped in the noise.

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