dark city
yet another photo of me in 1970


Katie of Bremerton

The profile thing....just not jogging the memories. I think of him as this big guy with scraggly hair/beard. If you can get Tina(Gooch?) to get more, please post:*)

Bert Coffman

Met Matthew Christopher LittleMoon in 1991 in Berkeley at the Alternatives conference and his wife Gloria Martinez LittleMoon. Matt died a few years ago, but I hope to get in touch with Gloria.

Bert Coffman

I remember LittleMoon!!!

Steven Rubio

Hi Bert. I don't have any contact information for Gloria ... haven't seen her since the 1980s, I don't believe.

Gruvi Nipples

Bert....I knew Matt and Gloria from 1996 until shortly before Matt passed in December of 1999 at 49 years of age. My understanding is that Gloria may have left the Bay Area to be with family (Nebraska?) but I might be off. I used to work as an assistant for Matt although much of the time was spent addressing his many physical and personal challenges....life as an activist gave him lots of cool opportunities and yet it was also very hard on his body and mind. At times I would also wonder if he was ever part of the experiments so common during his younger years(Stanford/MkUltra, etc.) because some of the stories and flasback episodes were heavy heavy stuff. Still I miss him and am curious if Gloria is still out there someplace (probably teaching and empowering and doing her community outreach, as usual). Gloria if you by chance see this....hi from an old friend....sorry things didn't go so smooth like we all hoped and please put some sage on Matt's altar for me. Scottie.

Gruvi Nipples

Katie....I befiended Matthrw and briefly worked for him and his wife, Gloria, as an in home assistant in the late 90s prior to his passing, and may have some back story as to the huge difference between this picture and the big bearded chubby "bear of a bear" I once knew. As Matt once told me, he used to be quite trim. Then in 1987, he got into it with a Multnomah County, OR sheriff's deputy (Portland) while traveling through and got beaten up badly. The medicines he was on for a while afterward caused a major negative reaction and messed with his metabolism, one effect being was he started to gain weight. Didn't change that fire and that gutsy boldness he had inside though. I'll always remember him for that. Vaya con Dios, Commander K.

Don Meredith

I did a search for him today and found him listed in Oakland, not deceased age 65.

Don Meredith

Gloria is also listed as a relative. I knew them in NE late 70's early
80s. I also read about his death in 99, and he would've been 49 as was
listed as such. I just saw a documentary about Wounded Knee where two
of his male family members were the focus as they lived there at the
time. One of them died before it's release, though. I will try and find
Gloria here if I don't find her in Oakland. I gotta million questions
for them.

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