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OK, another blast from the past from our friend Tina. This was a benefit show put on by a bunch of students in 1970 for R.E.A.C.H., which stood for something, I forget what. "The renowned Earl Thomas" was the head of R.E.A.C.H., and he was the first person of his type that Antioch had ever seen. Well, he was black, for one thing, and before 1970 there simply weren't any black people in Antioch. He "related" to us teenagers. The rest of the people listed ... I remember most of them, at least one is dead, and the reason I've posted it here is because The Basha Band that played "Cat's Squirrel" included me on bass. The rest of the group was Dub Debrie in his previous incarnation as Michael Sullivan, Tom Rose on drums, and "Uncle" Matt Littlemoon ... we can't remember why he was called "Uncle" on this poster, no one ever called him that.