silver and gold
i don't know, i think barry's prettier as a guy

vault radio update

Yes, I'm still pushing this.

The new playlist is up (every Tuesday). Earliest song is once again the Great Society at the Fillmore, this time doing "Somebody to Love," latest is once again the Dead, from Shoreline in '88, with "The Wheel." Three Bruce songs this time around, "Lost in the Flood" and "Bishop Danced" (Berkeley, '73) and an immortal "Backstreets" from Winterland '78. Besides Bruce at Winterland, there are a couple of others from shows I attended: the Sex Pistols at Winterland ("Anarchy in the U.K."), and two by Lynyrd Skynyrd from a Day on the Green in 1977, one of which is playing as I type: "Freebird."

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